Inspired by the Ferrari Berlinetta, this hair-raising EV is the peak of the past + present automotive design language

The exotic cars of the 1960s and 1970s were quite sharp in their design – so much so that you cut literally cut a paper with them (of course that’s a metaphorical statement). Designers back in that era fancied angular shapes and that had an influence in the automotive industry too. The common consensus was that the future cars were going to be pretty pointy and elongated. Concept supercars as well as production vehicles had a semblance of that definitive angular character – giving the four-wheelers a distinct charm.

The new breed of supercars might not be that pointy in their looks but still, they have that angular character – the likes of Lamborghini Veneno. Merging the past with the current future of automotive design, artist Ash Thorp and automotive CGI artist colorsponge have joined forces to create a unique concept EV that balances out the best of both worlds. They call it Evinetta, and it’s inspired by the 1970’s Ferrari Berlinetta concept car designed by Pininfarina. The stunning race car is envisioned to be driven by the Tesla Model S powertrain and an active ride suspension. Other bits of the car are adapted from the Porsche RSR – the interior in particular.

Truly this concept EV has influences of the past and the present, giving-off a very vibe that’s hard to compare. The aerodynamic design flowing from the low front to the beefy rear, makes Evinetta seem perfectly tailored for high-speed tracks, like it’s going to cut through the air and propel forward like a rocket-powered drag racer. Those fat wheels sandwiching the large motor, also reassure of superior control and grip on the corners, and the CGI movie that the duo have put together portrays it perfectly.

Designer: Ash Thorp and colorsponge