This Land Rover Defender camper’s pop-up roof unveils a lavish wooden cabin

Land Rover Defender with its robust chassis and solid front and rear axles is an iconic vehicle for off-roading, overlanding, and basically unleashing your ride into the wilderness! One thing that can really propel its image as an ultimate off-roader is the ability to take it camping without having to haul anything behind. Felix Collier thinks that’s a brilliant idea – he has therefore gone forward and built his Land Rover Defender as a camper for where the road may take him – highlight being a pop-up canvas roof that creates more headroom in the cabin.

Felix loves exploring and driving into the wilderness away from the crowds and mainstream routes, which is ideally why he has ventured out to build this Defender camper with plush interiors and basic amenities. Speaking of which, the rear cabin is neatly done in wood including the worktop made with the expensive sequoia wood. On the opposite side of the countertop, complete with storage drawers, is the seating layered with foam mattress, which can double as a bed for Felix, when being out overnight is unavoidable. And if it’s on a winter night, an integrated two-kilowatt diesel heater can be switched on to keep the cabin warm. The electricity requirement is handled by a 110 amp-hour battery on board.

On the exterior, the Defender features subtle alterations include a snorkel, a blue body with off-white stripes on the lateral, and a roof rack that slides backward to make room for the roof to pop out. On the bottom, the suspension has been slightly lifted and the Defender camper is fitted with BF Goodrich all-terrain tires. Good to go anywhere where Felix’s lifestyle takes him, the Land Rover Defender camper is definitely something you can try for yourself in 2021.

Designer: Felix Collier