The hair comb gets a major redesign in over a century

It’s rare to see something as basic as a comb get redesigned, leave alone have a redesigned comb make its way to a crowdfunding website. Meet the SpearWax… It’s the comb-equivalent of a toothbrush that has a toothpaste ejector attached to it, or a loofah that has a bar of soap inside it. The SpearWax, simply put, puts expert styling in the power of your hands by revisiting how the comb functions. SpearWax’s comb, unlike other combs, wasn’t made to just orient your hair in a direction, it was made to condition your hair into the right shape. The comb sits in a proprietary wax solution at all times, and when you pop it out and comb your hair with it, the wax gives your hair a spectacular sheen and definition. In short, it takes you from bed-head to professionally styled in just under a minute so you could literally jump out of bed and into a Zoom meeting while looking your best.

The comb, however, is just half the equation. It shares its role with SpearWax’s solution – an oil-free, non-greasy Pine Rosin-based wax that helps your hair hold shape while giving it a post-conditioner-like shine. The wax-cream sits within a bottle, with SpearWax’s dual-sided comb half-suspended in it. Pop the comb out and use it to define your hair by running it through. The Magic Spears (their words, not mine) of the comb evenly distribute the wax, while guiding your hair in the direction you choose. Larger spears work on your scalp, while smaller spears (located on the opposite end) help comb and define your sideburns. The combs help style your hair while ensuring you don’t get the cream on your hands. Even if you do, the water-based cream easily washes out under a running tap or shower.

Now while I’m no hair expert even by a far stretch, I’m quite the grooming enthusiast and I dedicate ridiculous amounts of time and money towards making my hair look good. Aside from the fact that the SpearWax does something quite different for how men comb their hair (something that hasn’t quite changed in centuries), it also comes designed and formulated by Evan Lee, founder of For:Beaut, a haircare company based right out of Gangnam in South Korea, the cosmetics hub of the world. The SpearWax comes with a refreshing Bahama ocean breeze scent and in three different formulations to suit different hair-types and styles, with the redesigned comb uniting all three variants. You can continue using the comb long after the wax runs out with other creams and serums of your choice, or just opt for a SpearWax refill pack and you’re set… well, your hair is, at least!

Designers: Evan Lee & DeepPoint

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Style Your Hair Like a Pro

The biggest difference between a hair stylist and a normal person is: Hair stylists begin styling from the hair roots. Hair wax needs to be evenly distributed from the end of the roots to display that perfect volume and hold. The delicate details of the spear comb combined with the creamy wax can transform you into a professional hair designer.

11 Magic Spears + Sub Spears

With 11 perfectly positioned delicate spears in the comb, the combs can create a suave texture and volume in the hair while creating a natural curl. You might even get asked, “Did you get your hair done today?”

If you want to calm those flyaways on the side, you can also use the sub-spears that’s attached to the cap to tamp them down.

Easily Washable

The creamy hair wax can be washed off easily without much trouble. You won’t see a bit of residue left after one wash.

Curated for Perfect Hair Setting

The soft and smooth wax paired with the non-greasy formulation help create the strongest hold and consistency, and you’ll be able to create whatever hairstyle you want quickly.

Curated Personally at the K-Beauty Hub

SpearWax is created by a hair designer who has used hair wax every single day, possibly every hour. The formulation factors in time, convenience and healthy hair.

Three Different Hair Waxes

How to Use SpearWax

1. Apply on the crown of the head first. Hair may clump if it’s applied on the bangs first.
2. Apply evenly on the top and side hair. Shake in zig-zag lines and apply all the way to the root.
3. Styling Bangs—Use the comb without any wax on it to style.
4. Push the flyaways with the sub spear that can be found when you open the cap.

Click Here to Buy Now: $25 $40 (37% off). Hurry, only 237/300 left!