This Ferrari concept has some of the most impressive Class A surfacing I’ve seen

No matter which angle you look at the Ferrari CascoRosso from, it’s a treat to look at, with every corner containing a detail that adds more character to the concept. This rather impressive looking Ferrari isn’t an official design from the company, though… it’s from the mind of Macedonian automotive designer Dejan Hristov.

The Italian term CascoRosso translates to “Red Helmet” in English, which somewhat lends credence to the car’s sinewy, almost bike-helmet-like design. There are multiple breaks in the car’s surface, resulting in well over 15 panels on the outer body lending to the car’s complex and beautiful surface design. Its overall demeanor closely resembles the F8 Tributo, with a few exceptions like the absence of visible headlights. I’d venture a guess that they sit right behind the grille detail, lighting through the slats. The car even ditches the side-view mirrors for more advanced cameras that occupy a fraction of the space but offer better visibility. The conceptual CascoRosso features a hybrid front-engine and rear-wheel-drive setup, along with option of placing the battery behind the cabin for an optimal distribution of weight. The back of the car even sports an unusual split-spoiler system on either side of the rear-fender. These spoilers sit flush against the surface and automatically raise when you hit high speeds. Lastly, the carbon-fiber rear gives the car a signature split-color design, adding a little bit of black to the gorgeous red paint-job. Iconic circular taillights sit on either side of the rear panel, practically working as an identity for the Ferrari brand itself… if the wild stallion logo in the center wasn’t enough!

The CascoRosso is a fan-made concept and is in no way connected with the Ferrari brand. The use of Ferrari’s logo is purely for representational purposes.

Designer: Dejan Hristov