This architectural cubism inspired Renault automobile’s interior is not meant for claustrophobic drivers

While we bask in the glory of massive leaps in the automotive sector, the next big thing to look forward to is innovative inspirations that challenge the traditional molds of automotive design. That’s why intuitive designers like Bruno Arena envision how things are going to be like a few years down the line. His Polestar concept was a good example of modular vehicle chassis that’s imbibed with the flexibility of use and also looks aesthetically pleasing. Bruno has another design up his sleeve which seems straight out of a Sci-Fi movie, fit for a Tron Legacy sequel. This is the Renault LC Zeroventi concept, made for the future of humanity which seems to be heading towards automated mobility while enhancing the commute experience.

While one would look for a nature-inspired or a retro vehicle inspired design, Bruno follows a very radical approach. He derives the basic inspiration for the Renault LC Zeroventi from the “architectural cubism” of Le Corbusier’s best works. He also infuses the traces of completely unrelated things like a USB storage drive and vinyl player (apparent in the side pods and the boot section) to add uniqueness to the blueprint. That explains the geometrical design of the concept, exemplified by the see-through solarium-like aesthetics. The driving position is similar to how a driver would seat in a motorsports car (Formula-1 to be precise), and the aerodynamic design points towards a high-speed adrenaline-inducing rush.

The car has storage space up front and 360-degree audio to encapsulate the driver with spatial audio for a sublime driving experience. Since it is a single-seated electric car, it is made for pure driving fun. And yes, the completely closed driving section can make a few people claustrophobic, so that needs to be kept in mind before jumping into the driving seat!

Designer: Bruno Arena