This Fitbit-inspired dog collar is on point with keeping your pet safe and healthy!

Do you wish you could track your dog’s location in case of emergencies but don’t want to embed a tracker in his or her body? The Link smart collar offers an alternative, more pet-friendly solution with its removable GPS. However, the Link is for more than emergencies – it includes features that improve your pet’s health and quality of life every day. So, what does the Link do? The collar itself holds the GPS tracker and a LED light for visibility during night walks. Additionally, with the Link companion app, the product can log your dog’s physical fitness, vet records, and other stats related to his or her health. Basically, it’s a FitBit for your pet – keeping them happy, healthy, and safe.

From a design perspective, the Link embodies a subtly luxurious aesthetic thanks to the collar’s color-scheme, construction, and a few branding choices for the packaging. First, let’s talk about the shape of the collar. Overall, the collar maintains a slender shape, even though the GPS holder is slightly bulkier. The light brown leather also looks homey and comfortable – like a well-made pair of hiking boots: expensive but durable. The branding materials (color story, font choices, and even the product packaging) help convey a charming, but expensive look. The box itself, and the way the collar is presented in the packaging, reminds me of the packaging for a high-end wristwatch. The bright colors on the packaging also complement the collar’s brown leather shade nicely. Typical dog collars are simply hung from a hook at the pet store. The Link collar, on the other hand, comes in a box that is as beautiful as the product itself.

I appreciate the care that went into the aesthetic creation of the Link as well as its branding. The device itself is a great investment for pet owners. But the care that went into its design made it an eye-catching piece that likely attracted more pet-owners to the product.

Designer: Astro Studios

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