Born on the Isle of Man, Meant for the Roads of the World


A year following their fourth Isle of Man TT competition with their SP7 race machine and their development rider Dean Harrison, Saroléa decided to transform their racer into a street-legal, electric version for the rest of us to enjoy.

Called the MANX7, its throwback aesthetic takes inspiration from the first SP7 version built in 2014. This refined iteration pays tribute to Saroléa’s strong heritage but stands out with an overall shape and details unique to electric bikes. Its stance, proportions, and material combination, and exposed verticality of the inner architecture give its aesthetic a modern twist that’s equally aggressive and eye-catching. Simple and minimalistic, unnecessary elements have been eliminated as much as possible while still maintaining its street-legalness.

As far as guts go, the backbone of the MANX7 is a handmade, carbon fiber, monocoque chassis. Its composition of new materials and unique construction make it lightweight, durable, and rigid. It’s also perfectly balanced with a perfect 50/50 front and rear weight distribution, which results in expert handling and an easy ride. Weighing in at a mere 478 lbs, it’s lighter than comparable e-bikes, even with its 22kWh battery pack. Speaking of power, its advanced electric drivetrain delivers exhilarating performance… all with a single moving piece – the rotor.
Its air-cooled, brushless DC motor puts out 120 KW and delivers 450Nm at the crank – resulting in silent but deadly, neck-breaking acceleration that can propel you from 0-62 mph in just 2.8 seconds.

Designer: RUSAK Creative Designworks for Saroléa