This half-ton truck camper holds a complete tiny home for your outdoor adventures!

It’s not easy to fit in all the prerequisites of a home into a half-ton truck but the wonderful people behind the Cirrus 620 have managed to pull it off. Often designers/companies tend to tip the scale – going past the requisite payload capacity of the truck while mounting the tiny house facilities on board. nuCamp Cirrus 620 truck bed camper however is loaded with amenities and is designed for the half-ton truck owners who want to keep it light and legal.

Weighing slightly under 1500 lbs (1,491 lbs precisely), the Cirrus 620 “strikes the exact balance between what you want and what you need,” and will be available for the camping enthusiasts starting December 19. So, if you own a half-ton truck and wanted a short-bed camper that exceeds your living on the road expectations without going past the half-ton truck’s limitations, you know Cirrus 620 has you covered. The add-on has a fixed 5-foot 9-inch floorplan – the height inside is good 6-foot 4-inches. While the camper has a queen-sized bed; a kitchenette with a sink, fridge, cook stove; dining area; ample storage; and a swiveling cassette toilet. It has one downside though – there is no shower inside. However, you can still enjoy a relaxing shower in the open courtesy nuCamp’s 18-gallon freshwater tank. Other notable features you will get on the Cirrus 620 will include a 210-watt solar power system, 12-gallon gray water tank, water heater, furnace and propane tank, a small air-conditioner, and dual battery compartment.

This is nuCamp’s second attempt at the half-ton truck camper. The company released the Cirrus 720 back in 2019. A feature-packed camper, the 720 blew the payload limits to find itself more in the 3/4-ton trucks instead. This time the Ohio-based manufacturer has designed the Cirrus 620 to fit into the correct league. It gives enthusiasts an all-weather camper they can load on the back of their half-ton truck and go where the road leads them to!

Designer: nuCamp