Nothing Mini Phone adds glamor to glyph light with customizable designs inspired by car decals in games

Nothing Phone (1) was expected to shake up the smartphone market, at least everyone following Carl Pei from inventive revelations at One Plus thought as much. More so, the tech fraternity and industry analysts had the consumers on their toes with a bombardment of scoops. Eventually what unfolded was a device with an iPhone 13-like display, a purposeless transparent back panel, and a mid-tier processor on the inside.

It wasn’t really the product to break a tech enthusiast from his preference. Someone who toiled the impulsive waters had a mixed experience, both with the phone and the array of over 900 LEDs on the transparent back that glowed to notify you when a contact was calling.

Designer: Priyanshu Jaiswal

Now when Pei and team are working their way to perfect the creases from the first iteration of the transparent phone. A designer is giving us a walk-through of a handier version of a Phone (1) called the Nothing Mini Phone. As the name (not too difficult to distinguish its origin) suggests, the Mini Phone is a trimmed (form factor) clone of the Phone (1), but of course with some additional features to make it even more hep – how useful, that’s a story for another day.

While sticking to the basics of the Phone (1)’s aesthetics, Priyanshu has managed to create a body in matte finish with textured metal on the side for better grip and protection against accidental drops.
The Mini Phone features a vertically running display on one side and Essential TAB, vertical scroll, and a physical button on the other side (ideally, it’s to kick in the camera). The screens are not touch-enabled to avoid accidental touches. The extended screen on the left features a battery indicator that fills with a fizz when the phone is charging (interesting visual).

The Mini Phone is meant to be enticing to the younger generation with the play of glyph light and the option to customize the design through a color-changing backlight and sidebar. A user can change the design of the Mini Phone as they would customize the decal on a car in a video game.