The classic Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale gets a fan-made makeover after 52 years!

Considered one of the first supercars to ever be made, it’s difficult to believe that the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale dates back as far as 1968. The 33 Stradale (which happens to be one of the rarest and most iconic automobiles of today, selling for well over $15 million) practically set the stage not just for the Italian manufacturer’s legacy, but for other supercars to follow suit… and although it looks good even today, 52 years is long enough to want to see a contemporary design refresh.

Simone Cistulli’s 33 Stradale Hommage concept is a modern tribute to the classic supercar, taking what’s familiar about its design and amping it up to create something that is equally eye-catching yet contemporary. The Hommage retains the 33 Stradale’s buxom elegance with the right curves in the right places, but amps up its aggression with a reduced overhang on the front and the back, and a complete redesign of the car’s “face”. The curious bug-eyes of the 33 Stradale are done away with the Hommage (perhaps my only real criticism of this concept), and replaced with edgy razor-thin light strips. This redesign also switches up the classic V-shaped grille, with a designer’s creative interpretation of what a grille on an electric vehicle would look like. Needless to say, there’s enough space on the sides of the grill for air-intakes, as well as on the sides of the car, right behind the doors. An air-intake sits under the windshield too, creating a split in the surfaces as the windshield almost hovers above the hood, seamlessly transitioning to the side-view cameras on the left and right. The car caps with circular taillights that borrow from the original 33 Stradale’s design, turning an age-old icon into a modern beast that’s arguably just as eye-catching, although with a slightly different demeanor!

Designer: Simone Cistulli