Telepathic Communication

The Telepathy One is a finely crafted, superior quality micro-projection unit. It is designed to convey to the eyes, steady visual information in a natural and safe way. In short it is a wearable communication device that is non obtrusive and takes you beyond the use of a smartphone. The wearable device hooks up with smartphones and tablets and opens up a new dimension in communication.


  • As a next generation device, it makes social communication as fast, easy, and natural as listening to music with your portable devices.
  • In addition, with the device’s proprietary lower power consumption design, the user is able to wear and carry around Telepathy One everywhere.
  • The Telepathy One offers user friendly and fun applications, which fit various daily usage scenarios.

Designer: the design labo Inc.

[youtube: 600 451]


  • Hunter says:

    Looks like a pair of Google Glass.
    Someone will have a lawsuit on his/her hands.

    • house says:

      Wow. Awsome. Natural. Design. Like tiara!
      As. More. ! What,s that existing front eye?.

  • It is something THE VERY funny, that will be a realm for the ears bacterias and the troubles (will be enough to use this 3 months.
    Is a real Effective Telepathy (press my name – my site) and this their nonsense is absolutely vagabond’s way to use inadequate term.

  • dave says:

    maybe it’s a cultural difference, but that video made absolutely no sense to me.

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