This children’s board game helps develop their creative storytelling skills!

If the phrase “Kids say the darndest things” was a board game, it would be the Story Creator – a game made expressly to help children develop their creative storytelling skills by giving them everything they need to form a plotline. The Story Creator, apart from being an incredible way to pass time during the pandemic (after all, how much TV can a child really watch?), is a fun way to help children develop and resolve storylines, creating their own fantasy tales with a bunch of characters set against a backdrop. The Story Creator game comes with multiple cards that help kids choose a plot, a background, and roleplayers. The children then use these cards to create complex storylines that only kids can weave. The story progresses as new plots, characters, and backgrounds are revealed.

The beauty of the Story Creator is that it’s engaging and hands-on. Rather than kids getting their parents to read them stories, the Story Creator really puts the kid in the driver’s seat, prompting them to conjure up a story of their own. The background, plot, and character/item cards help provide a steady framework for the kid to weave their story around, but things get more and more interesting as backgrounds change, new plot-lines emerge, and new characters make their grand entry. Finally, the story is brought to a close with a climax and a finale, resulting in the plot-line being resolved and all the characters getting their happy (or not-so-happy) endings. As the stories develop, kids exercise their creativity on the fly, prompting them to be quick and keep the flow of the story going. This quick-thinking even helps them develop a strong vocabulary in the process!

Each Story Creator board-set comes with multiple character cards, background cards, plot-cards, action cards, emotion cards, and even blank cards to help kids cover all the areas required to build their sensational storyline. Kids can take turns choosing their deck of cards, and building on the existing story, sort of like an Improv session. Moreover, the stories can be turned into videos too, as each card comes with a QR code that can be scanned and imported into the Story Creator app to build visuals around your child’s narrative. The next thing you know, they’ll probably be reading YOU bedtime stories!

Designer: Sam Corporation

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Story Creator – Board Game Made for Children’s Creativity!

The Story Creator board game lets kids pick a card from the plot, background, character, item, action, and emotion, and have them create a story according to the cards they have picked out.

The board game was developed in the form of a transparent card to help learners with their imaginations. Overall, it’s a fun and easy way to learn and become a creative thinker!

Plot Card (20)

There are 15 plot cards in total. From love stories to horror stories, make your own stories with the themes you want.

Background Card (20)

There is a total of 30 background cards, and you can create a story by choosing a background that suits your topic. Story Creator uses real photos for backgrounds to create a more immersive story.

Item & Character Card (20)

It consists of 20 items and 20 characters. You can make your story more realistically and descriptively.

Action & Emotion Card (10)

Kids will be able to express the emotion of the characters by selecting action and emotion cards.

How To Play

There are various ways to play Story Creator, 1. Creation 2. Mission 3. Relay mode. Kids may independently create their own stories or gather-up with friends/family to share and discuss their imagination.

Users Review

Make Story on the App

Various mode allows you to create a story in a variety of ways. Children may naturally build creative story skills simply by playing games.

Click Here to Buy Now: $30 $40 ($10 off). Hurry, for a limited time only!