Digital Bloody Mary

For awesome Manhattans, Martinis, Gimlets, and beyond, we have for you the MasterMixer. To keep in step with the professionals, this digital cocktail shaker guides you through mixing some really heady cocktails using the companion smartphone app. You can browse through thousands of drink recipes and manage and maintain your current inventory via the app! You simply let the app know what alcohol and mixers you have on hand, and it will automatically generate a list of drinks you can make right on the spot.

How it works:

Once a drink has been selected, the app wirelessly connects to the mixer and guides the user step-by-step in creating a delicious concoction. No need to pull out measuring cups or jiggers, the see through panel illuminates how much to pour in each step. Pour too much? No problem- the MasterMixer will automatically readjust the recipe based on what’s poured into the shaker. The double wall construction prevents sweating and hands from freezing up. Additionally, the interior of the MasterMixer is completely removable and dishwasher safe.

Designer: Pushstart