This dynamic display-table lets you play all your favorite board games on a virtual screen!

In a lot of ways, the Infinity Game Table is what the Microsoft Surface Table should have been. It seems more and more like Microsoft jumped at launching a product without a fully formed idea just because it seemed like the right marketing move, but hey the Surface Table didn’t really click. The Infinity Game Table, however, picks up where the Surface left off and uses the tabletop surface to reimagine gaming, entertainment, and recreation.

Designed by Arcade1Up, the same group of people who brought back cabinet-style arcade games like Pac-Man, Frogger, Mortal Kombat, TMNT, Street Fighter, Galaga, and other iconic classics to life (seriously, you should check their website out), the Infinity Game Table is the ultimate piece of gaming furniture. Designed to be just like the coffee-table you’d play board games or assemble jigsaw-puzzles on, the Infinity Game Table comes with a touchscreen display built into its surface that lets you play a multitude of board games from Monopoly to Yahtzee, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Candyland, Hungry Hippos, Tic Tac Toe, and a whole bunch of other games including indie titles (with new ones being added every day). The dynamic display even allows you to assemble jigsaw puzzles, and since everything is virtual (as opposed to physical board games), you can potentially save your progress and continue playing your game after a couple of days, starting where you left off!

Each Infinity Game Table comes with Wi-Fi that allows you to access its seemingly infinite library of games, puzzles, and even comic books (yeah, you can read books too!), but here’s where it gets interesting… the Wi-Fi connectivity lets you partner with other Infinity Game Table users, playing across rooms or even in different parts of the world. This opens up the ability to play more complex games like Texas Hold’em or Battleships without allowing your opponent to see your hand or your layout. The table lets you pair up with up to 6 different players at the same time, playing games and bonding with each other while you’re socially distancing from your individual homes. If you’re playing with the family, the Infinity Game Table offers hours of entertainment and fun, allowing you to sit at home and play over 50 popular and indie games, thanks to partnerships with gaming giants like Hasbro among others. Families with younger players can opt for more age-appropriate activities like built-in coloring books too!

The Infinity Game Table comes in two variants, offering a choice between a 24″ and a 32″ screen. Both units sport an HD display sitting under an impact-resistant and water-proof glass top (so you could potentially still use it as a table). Speakers underneath the table, along with tactile vibration motors make the gaming experience multi-sensorial, allowing you to immerse yourself while playing. The legs on the table are removable too, which means you could just as easily place the unit on your bed and have your family or friends sit around… and given that the entire experience is virtual, you’ll never have to worry about losing a card, dice, player pr puzzle piece ever again!

Designer: Arcade1Up

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Infinity Game Table by Arcade1Up

The Infinity Game Table is a digital gaming table with all your favorite classic board games packaged into one. Features: Ticket To Ride, Monopoly, Scrabble, & more.

The Infinity Game Table was designed and created by the gamers at Arcade1Up™—the #1 at-home arcade company, who partnered with Hasbro™ the — the #1 name in board games, to take board game entertainment to the next level.


– 1-6 players depending on the game.
– Tactile Feedback. To add new levels of immersion through haptic feedback.
– Wifi Enabled! Play your friends across the Globe!
– Download endless Games, Puzzles and Coloring Books with no monthly subscriptions or hourly fee required.
– Layers of immersion through 3D animation and graphics and through dynamic zoom, the game interacts with you.
– Dynamic Zoom Viewing provides a personalized perspective for each player.
– Super Hi-Resolution Screen that adds next-level realistic depth and texture to all games.
– Access to dozens of board games with many more titles to be announced.
– Easy to store portable design.
– Removable legs converts from a game table to a game board.
– Impact/water resistant surface
– Regularly working with and seeking Indie Game Developers to create new content, making the potential unlimited.

Games, Puzzles & Coloring Books You Can Play

Infinity Game vs Traditional Game Boards

Because everything is digital the problems with traditional game boards are solved.

What problems?

– Lost game pieces
– Figuring out the score
– Wasting time reading and memorizing the rules, then double-checking to make sure you understood the rules
– Lack of music, graphics, and sound effects (Play any video game and you see why this is a problem)
– Running out of places to store all the game boards

Click Here to Buy Now: $499 $599 ($100 off). Hurry, only 3/129 left! Raised over $1,000,000.