One beautiful, bendy phone


Until we get a fully transparent display, the Orbit smartphone will have to do! It expands on the trend of bezel-less design with a feature that makes it almost seem transparent – a camera that remains on and constantly reflects the environment behind it.

Other cool features include a flexible OLED screen and ductile enclosure that not only give it an ergonomic bend for ergonomics but make it near-unbreakable (which is exactly what we’ve been craving from phones that only seem to get MORE breakable). Another is a circular, centered flash ring that’s capable of delivering variations in light intensity to create the perfect amount of flash for each photo and to apply a neat “ring flash eye effect” in the subject’s eyes.

Designer: Lucas Couto

Orbit phone is a conceptual project idealized to test new interactions and materials possibilities for the smartphone market.


The bezel-less design was thought to bring a notion of transparency to the phone in-sync with the possibility of having one of the cameras working all the time, projecting image in the interface’s background, simulating how could it be to have a transparent phone.


The phone uses a flexible OLED screen combined with a ductile enclosure to deliver a near-unbreakable smartphone to the user.

A circular flash was designed to deliver variations of light intensity and to create the “ring flash eye effect” in the eyes of those being photographed.

Taking advantage of the ductile material, the buttons were designed seamlessly in the enclosure. The interaction with the buttons was inspired by Olivetti Divisumma 18.


In a world with no headphone jack, the next thing to eliminate is the charging port to allow phones to be thinner and lighter.



A fabric cover was chosen both for the phone and the wireless charger to bring a closer connection with the users, delivering a warm touch, a scratchless surface and a contemporary aesthetic that fits every personality.



The transparent OLED allows the front camera to be visible when needed.