This planter + lamp combo is an award-winning solution for the houseplant-obsessed millennial!

Any millennial can tell you that when it comes to interior spaces, both houseplants and light fixtures have this way of making a bedroom or office space feel a little bit more complete. Lighting design and indoor plants can complement one another by shifting focus from one to the other, and so on. Or, in some cases, they merge into a single product that simultaneously brightens and breathes new air into different indoor spaces. That’s the case for the ceiling, pendant, and floor lamp called Ring, a European Product Design Award-winning interior light fixture designed by Jackie Luo and Wilfried Buelacher for Lampenwelt.

The lighting fixture is ultimately a simple design, thanks to its hybrid of design attributes from both integral parts of this product: the common houseplant and lighting accessory. The lamp itself can be hung as a pendant lamp, but can also function as a floor lamp when not suspended from the ceiling. If the pendant lamp is the decided lamp, then the pots for houseplants can either be positioned in the center of the lamp’s ring or entirely done without. A centerpiece for Ring provides the placeholder for plant pots to hang from but can be opted out for a straight, iron bar. Alternatively, users can insert a spotlight that works to enhance the light coming from Ring, which can be used for any variation of the lamp. Thanks to the subdued yet infinite nature of the lamp’s circular head, houseplants are free to drape and grow as naturally as they please. The fixture itself gently diffuses light throughout the room in a circular frame so that maximal reach is guaranteed. This product’s ambient, warm lighting, and rounded top bring a sense of adaptability to any space you choose to position it.

During the daytime, houseplants like String-of-Pearls or ivy can bask in the sunlight but come sunset, the Ring’s circle of light provides a gentle frame for leaf-filled pots. With today’s generation’s excitement over houseplant decor, it’s no wonder Ring’s final product design doesn’t present itself as a hybrid at all, but rather, a distinguishable household item deserving of its own light.

Designers: Jackie Luo, Wilfried Buelacher (of JWdesign) for Lampenwelt