Lucky Babies, Bumbleride Flite Review

About 5 years ago I noticed more strollers at design shows. Manufacturers were paying attention to design and function. They were clever with compartments, lightening the overall weight and hiring engineers to make unfolding and collapsing an easy task. With those efforts we now have strollers that make pushing babies around an easy and stylish affair. One such company is Bumbleride. I don’t have a baby myself (at least none that I know of) so I handed this over to a trusting mommy. If anyone is going to speak the truth, it’s a mom so hit the jump.

First of all, ADORE the name – Bumbleride. It sounds so sweet and as their tagline says, it’s the ride of your life. Lucky babies! The model we have is the Flite in a yummy-pinkish color called Vita. The stroller retails for $249.99 and comes in four other colors.

Our mommy agrees, the design is quite fetching – more suitable for urbanites. The Flite is a head turner even in a design haven like San Francisco. It’s peerless enough to be inimitable. A number of people stopped our mommy on the street to inquire more about this compact stroller with the generous sun canopy. What strikes us most is the silhouette. Whether by intention or just a lucky result of happenstance, the Flite has a beautiful profile. There’s nothing more adorable than seeing the classic huge sun canopy with just a peep of baby’s feet dangling, yet the Flite does it in a very modern way. It’s a clean design void of unnecessary frills – just their two toned logo.

The engineering accoutrement is impressive – fully padded with headrest, shoulder pads, reclining backrest and adjustable footrest, cup holder, huge cargo basket, 5-point safety harness, and carrying handle all built into a uber-lightweight 13 lb aluminum frame. The list reads like a mini luxury car. Our mom’s favorite features are the car seat adapter which is compatible with many popular infant car seats and the unique suspension which enables her to turn the stroller with just one hand. This thing turns on a dime!

Unfolding and collapsing the Flite is very easy and a benefit to the cross-aluminum frame is the center of gravity located pretty much right under baby. We said earlier the Flite is built for the urban jungle and we meant it. Even in the paved hills of San Francisco, our mommy never felt unsure. The Flite’s weight belies just how sturdy it is. There’s never a moment of hesitation – a worry that baby might take a spill out of the seat and with that being said her only suggestion was to make the wheels a tad larger.

The Flite is a winner in our book, designed to meet the challenges in a busy urban landscape. Our mommy proclaims it’s the easiest stroller to quickly pull out of the car and get going. She still keeps her larger stroller for its storage compartments but if you’re looking for something meant to travel light and easy, try the Flite.

Designer: Bumbleride (Buy it here $249.99)