Eliminate wait time with this carafe whose nozzle instantly heats/cools water!

Anybody who loves coffee is also familiar with the despair and boredom you experience as you wait for the water in the kettle to boil. Each second seems to tick on forever, while your body craves that much-needed caffeine boost! However, Heatworks has come up with a quick solution to end this dreaded waiting time once and for all; The Duo Carafe. Heatwork’s Duo Carafe is the upgraded and super-efficient alternative to the dear old kettle.

It guarantees to heat water for your tea or coffee instantaneously, as it is poured out of the carafe, instead of heating the entire pitcher as you wait and watch. How is this possible? All the credit goes to Heatwork’s patented technology called ‘Ohmic Array’. Ditching the age-old heat elements which tend to rust and create limescale, the tech harnesses water’s natural electrical conductivity. Graphite electrodes and electric currents are passed directly through water, heating it up without the need for third party heating elements. The graphite electrodes heat the water within 1 degree Fahrenheit of your desired temperature as it passes through the carafe’s spout. You can precisely control the temperature through a side panel, altering it according to the drink of your choice (Coffee is brewed at around 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas green tea at 175 degrees Fahrenheit).

Are you wondering what the Duo in Duo Carafe stands for? You might have noticed the carafe features two nozzles, one in red and one in blue. The red nozzle heats up water as it passes through it, whereas the blue one…you guessed it, cools it down! Pouring water through the blue nozzle serves you some refreshingly cool water, it won’t be ice cold though. Equipped with a four-cup capacity, the carafe is also battery operated! Keep it charged at home, and use it cable-free whenever you leave the bounds of your home. Minimalistic, portable and super sleek, Heatwork’s Duo Carafe is the ultimate water heater/cooler that promises not to make you wait at all!

Designer: Heatworks with Frog Design