This folding tote-bag is as spacious and functional as any backpack…

If the words “take it easy” were a bag, they’d be the Monstera Fotebag. Named after the quintessential house plant, the Monstera is a Fotebag, or a foldable tote-bag, that can fold up and fit into a pouch the size of your palm. Open it, however, and you’ve got yourself a spacious shoulder-hung tote bag that can hold all your items, with individual compartments for your laptop, phone, wallet, a dedicated loop for your keys and AirPods case, and a neat magnetic closure system to seal the bag’s opening.

There’s something incredibly simple about the way the Monstera appears. It sports a minimal look, with a folding design that opens out and hangs from your shoulder. When folded, the Monstera Fotebag sits inside a pouch that’s pocket-friendly… open it out and the pouch (which is a part of the Fotebag) becomes a concealed pocket for keeping your phone, diary, compact mirror, or even your wallet. The Fotebag comes with 8L of storage, perfect for taking your laptop/tablet to work, or stepping out for groceries, or just carrying stuff outdoors to the beach or the park. An anodised aluminum hook lets you unhook the strap too, easily allowing you to secure it around handles, bars, and railings if you choose.

The Monstera Fotebag’s nylon fabric construction allows it to be lightweight, splash resistant and durable enough to take on all sorts of use-cases. The bag’s outer fabric repels dust and water with ease, keeping your stuff inside safe and dry, while the bag itself is built to carry as much as 20 kilos without breaking a sweat (a wider strap helps prevent shoulder-strain too). The bags come in 6 colors, although the designers are working on expanding the Monstera’s color range. Their universal size makes them perfect for practically any sort of scenario, while the easy-going style is perfect for work, recreation, the gym, yoga, or even the supermarket. Besides, the fact that they fold up into a tiny pouch that can slide into your pocket or backpack means it’s even more convenient to carry your Monstera Fotebag around with you anywhere you go!

Designer: Loop Design Studio

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Monstera Fotebag – The Foldable Totebag

Inspired by nature and clean lines, the Monstera Fotebag is an environmentally friendly foldable tote bag that can fold up and fit into a pouch the size of your palm.

Features & Benefits

Load Testing

20 kg/ 44 lbs tested 50 times without the strap coming off.

Click Here to Buy Now: $28 $33 (16% off). Hurry, only 23/100 left!