Attention sneakerheads – Adidas Originals and LEGO have linked up!

Sneakerhead or not, the Adidas x LEGO collaboration will certainly tug at your heartstrings (or maybe shoelaces?) with its playful vibe. The upcoming ZX 8000 sneaker collaboration was announced by Adidas Originals as a part of its ongoing A-ZX series. Stepping on LEGO blocks but now they can’t hurt you because you have made allies with the enemy HA!

Adidas usually has the classic monochromatic shoes with a few bold limited-edition drop and this sneaker design certainly incorporates elements from both brands in a way that none are overpowered – so you can recognize those Adidas curves but you can also relate to the LEGO colors! Digital sneaker god, Sean Wotherspoon, received a pair ahead of the official release and shared images that unveiled more details like LEGO’s iconic logo on the tongue tag and a miniature LEGO man modeled after him! The detailing on the shoes with grooves and ridges brings in the element of the connecting blocks and the shape of the shoe itself has a very 90’s Adidas aesthetic. It is refreshing to see a bright red sole on a shoe other than Louboutins. One of the most thoughtful details is the green LEGO block that seems to hold the laces in places and I am assuming this shoe will come with versatile lace options as well.

The special pair also comes in an equally unique shoebox crafted with interlocking plastic bricks – while most will find this to be a cute branding touch, it is important to remember the global plastic problem and hold huge brands like Adidas and LEGO accountable. Good sneaker design is cool, but waste-free packaging is cooler and since sneakers are a part of streetwear it would be wise to keep the streets clean. The ZX 8000 is going to be priced at $130 and is set to be released on September 25th, 2020.

Designer: Adidas and LEGO