The Cloud Chair makes you quite literally feel like you’re on top of the world!

Surrealist-dream-come-true, the Cloud Chair is designed to visually and physically create the experience of sitting on a fluffy cumulus cloud. Unlike traditional chairs with 3-4 legs, the Cloud Chair is elevated using multiple metal rods, not only giving the cloud its perceived lightness and airy-ness, but also resembling steady drops of rain falling from the cloud’s underbelly. The inspiration for the chair came to Shota Urasaki after she saw a moving cloud raining over a distant coastline. Inspiration immediately struck and the Cloud Chair was born.

The visual puffy element of the Cloud Chair is made from tufts of polyester fiber, pierce-fitted into a polyurethane foam block to give it volume and its soft, comfortable seating experience. This floating piece of sky-fluff is then mounted on several stainless steel supports that look like long streams of rainfall, with a mirror at the bottom to give the rain an illusion of continuity. Clever, eh??

The Cloud Chair is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2020.

Designer: Shota Urasaki