Quirky tactile calculator is inspired by the suction cups on an Octopus’ tentacles!

Isn’t it a weird coincidence that the octopus’s suction cups are actually what give its tentacles incredible grip underwater… and when that same detail is carried forward to the design of a button, it increases the button’s tactile ability? A suction cup helps hold onto things in water, but it also provides the perfect concave surface for your fingertip, resulting in a uniquely enjoyable UX.

The Calctopus (no need trying to decode the name there) was created as a Render Weekly challenge on Instagram. Inspired by the cups on the base of the octopus’ tentacles, the Calctopus uses a similar texture on its keyboard layout. Its curved form, matte finish, and pastel hues make it rather comfortable to look at, and those concave keys are an absolute pleasure to press as your fingertips intuitively find their way around the layout, landing on the right key every time… almost echoing the tactile joy of the Olivetti Divisumma 18 calculator from the early 70s!

Designer: Francesco Brunetti