Panasonic’s 15-min WFH cubicle brings the simplicity of Japanese aesthetic home

If the pandemic has taught me one lesson it is how to optimize your space to live and work. And then leveled up that lesson by adding a sibling into the mix so now I have to optimize a small space for two of us to work and live. Times like this is when I wish I had a little partition so I could focus, it is not so much about wanting a whole room to work but a designated area that puts you in the zone is certainly helpful. Panasonic has designed a simple solution to draw boundaries between work and play without taking up too much space with their Komoru cubicle and I need to order two when they launch on September 18th, 2020!

The Japanese brand has infused this mini cubicle with simple details that help you work efficiently while not adding visual bulk to your interior space. Working from home has had many of us come up with creative ways to stay productive –  this Komoru cubicle saves your time and effort. You can easily assemble the desk and partition at home which are the two main structural components. Unlike a traditional office cubicle, this is four feet tall which allows you to see over the partition walls while still sitting at your desk.

It is a quick way to create a private work corner especially if you are living in a shared space. Thoughtful design details like the perforations in the panels and hooks help you keep your desk clutter-free and make the most of the walls by hanging your accessories like your headphones, pictures, work essentials, and more on the side. The desk assembles in 15 minutes and will blend in with your interiors seamlessly. The global pivot towards work from home was very much needed and designs that can give us our dedicated space make the change a positive one!

Designer: Panasonic

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