Elevated planter and app-enabled grow light designed to uplift your home and bring the outdoors, in


Sometimes I struggle to really remember what life before the pandemic was. I remember it pretty well, but if someone were to snap and magically cause the virus to disappear, I’m not sure if I’d ever be able to go back to that life in an instant. The pandemic changed a lot of things, broke a lot of things, and forced a lot of us to restrategize. The guys at Modern Sprout know this too well, as their company, developed as a labor of love over time, suddenly found itself without retailers to stock and sell their products. Quickly deciding to pivot so that the company and its range of plant-loving products could continue to thrive, Modern Sprout returned to the very place they started… Kickstarter.

The Uplift Planter is an elegant combination of an elevated planter and an app-enabled grow-light. Designed to be used indoors, and styled to complement indoor spaces, this planter integrates the grow-light into it. The Uplift Planter grow light contains the color spectrum needed to support healthy plant growth while emitting a natural light that compliments your home’s decor, not disrupts it.

There’s a simplistic beauty to the Uplift Planter and its wireframe design. This minimalist approach helps the Uplift complement most contemporary homes (although the Uplift in an art-deco home would look incredible too). The planter comes with a base that it docks into – made of metal and powder-coated in a variety of colors to add a pop to your space. Mounted on the side of the planter is a height-adjustable light arm with a full-spectrum LED lamp that shines light directly on the planter below. The lamp is controlled by an app that allows you to program it, even fully customize your own schedule and control its brightness based on the amount of natural light already in your space. Apart from being height-adjustable to suit your plants, the light arm is removable too, and can be placed into any other planter to give other plants a boost. It’s a simple, well-executed idea that was born after Modern Sprout realized planters and grow-lights have almost always existed as separate products, and never a single solution. In that regard, the Uplift does what it sets out to. It ‘uplifts’ your plant by allowing it to grow, uplifts itself too, with that height-adjusting lamp that ‘grows’ with your plant, and uplifts the space it’s kept in, with an aesthetic that I can only describe as Sparking Joy. Don’t you think so too??

Designer: Modern Sprout

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Uplift Planter by Modern Sprout

The Uplift Planter is an elevated plant stand with an app-enabled grow light designed to seamlessly integrate living green into any space.

Plants have become the new critical home essential. With each one you bring into your house, your further perforate the barrier between indoors and out, between nature and nurture.

The problem with most grow lights quickly becomes apparent the moment you decide to use one at home. They’re harsh on the eyes because they emit light in a spectrum optimized solely for plants, not people. The Uplift Planter grow light contains the color spectrum needed to support healthy plant growth while emitting a natural light that compliments your home’s decor, not disrupts it.

A plant’s proximity to a grow light is critical for success which is why they have made theirs adjustable so you can grow plants ranging from small seedlings to large botanicals. The adjustable light arm is removable too, so you can “stake” it into other plants that might need an extra boost.

– Full spectrum, 90+ CRI
– Up to 27W of power
– 4000K color range
– Light height adjustability
– 40º light beam angle eliminates loss of light

Grow Your Plants The Smarter Way

The Uplift Planter has built-in brains, meaning you can pair it with the app over WiFi for granular control over light intensity, cycles and schedule, from a few feet to miles away. Includes recommended presets for partial shade, partial sun and full sun plants.

– Preset settings for different plant types
– Shared access of smart devices with any family member
– Fully customizable light schedules
– FAQs for device support
– Brightness control
– Manual on/off switch available
– Pairs with other Modern Sprout smart products
– Customer support access

Elevated Living

The Uplift Planter is designed for seamless integration within the home. Keep it in the kitchen for quick access to fresh herbs, in the living room for some easy ambience, or by the bed for a (green) reading nook that brings life and light to the darkest corners. The purposeful design brings the healing power of plants into every room.

Breath Clean – Enrich your environment with purifying plants that filter toxins. Recommended Picks: aloe, ivy, rubber plant.

Indoor Oasis – Connect to the natural world with lush houseplants. Recommended picks: ferns, orchids, pothos.

Kitchen Garden – Enjoy fresh edibles at your fingertips year around. Recommended Picks: tomato, basil, arugula.

Aromatherapy – Create a sensory experience to help quiet the mind. Recommended Picks: lavender, chamomile, sage.

Design Details

Click Here to Buy Now: $159 $249 (36% off).