This slim air purifier was designed to look as beautiful as the rest of your home

The difference between Löv and every other air purifier on the market is evident in the way it’s designed. The Löv does to air purifiers what the Nest did to thermostats. It comes with a sophisticated design that just beautifully blends into its surrounding decor, looking modern and artistic rather than antiquated and technical, and comes with a user experience that’s so simplified, anyone could use it. The Löv air purifier is a pleasure to use, but it’s also a pleasure to look at… and that’s a design direction most smart home product manufacturers try to take, be it Google, Amazon, Apple, and even companies like IKEA, that are only now entering the smart appliance market.

The key to a well-made smart-home product is to not only realize its relationship with the user, but also its relationship with the space it’s in. The Löv looks quite unlike any purifier you’ve seen, with an aesthetic that embraces the minimalism of Scandinavian Design. Created to seamlessly blend into your home, the Löv comes with a soft, rounded form, and an abstract grille design that balances art and engineering. The grille pattern is inspired directly by natural details like branches and the veins of a leaf, becoming an ode to nature, the world’s own air purifier.

What’s immediately evident with the Löv is its strikingly slim profile, giving it the appearance of lightness and purity, and can be used in a variety of formats. An accompanying 4-legged stand allows you to place it on the floor or on a table, and at just 3.1 inches in thickness, it can be kept on a bookshelf or even wall-mounted too. A patented air-flow system allows it to achieve its slimness, as air is sucked in from the sides and pushed out of the front, giving it a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 150 cubic meters per hour. The Löv comes with a triple filter system, allowing it to trap particles like dust and pollen, fur, and neutralize microorganisms as well as odor particles and harmful gases. The filters last a year with consistent use, and can easily be replaced with newer ones available on major e-commerce platforms.

Using the Löv is incredibly intuitive too. Whether it’s setting the purifier up by either mounting it on its stand or the wall-bracket, or whether it’s actually operating it. The Löv ditches the technical interface for something that’s informative and easy to understand and navigate. The purifier automatically measures air purity using a laser dust-sensor and intuitively adjusts its power based on the quality of air. The Löv comes with a simple on-off switch, and a sleek remote control that lets you power it from a distance, or set it to a low-noise mode at night.

The Löv is user-centric, home-centric design at its best. It’s a no-nonsense filter that does its job without you needing to flip through manuals, and it does so while looking uniquely aesthetic, and allowing it to blend into your interiors while subtly standing out!

Designers: Jiwon Seo & Pascal Grangier

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Löv Air Purifier – A New Way to Style your Space

The Löv is a 3.1 inch slim wall-hanging or standing air purifier that is designed to blend in with any surroundings and save you precious space.

Vertical wall-hanging.

Horizontal wall-hanging.

Vertical standing.

With a one-touch cradle dis/assembly, you can easily change your Löv to be positioned any way you want.

Only 3.1 inch / 8cm and 7.7 lbs / 3.5 kg

How Could Löv Become So Slim?

Structure – They rearranged the inlet, fan, and outlet to enable the slim profile. Then, they patented Löv technology, which combines high performance with a narrow profile.

Fan – To develop this innovative FAN blade, they went through countless CFD [Computational Fluid Dynamics], including Flow simulations of Solidworks and ANSYS Fluent program, to make it withstand the pressure of the filter within the set width and noise limit.

Air Guide – The Central Air Guide, which also got a patent, reduces the pressure drop of the airflow coming out from several fans, which provides soft and wide air and eventually cuts the noise as well. By making samples with a 3D printer and CNC machine and testing them, we determined the optimal structure for the air guide.

Triple Filter – Enough to fully cover any room size.

Pre-filter is a device which removes unwanted large particles from the air or water. Supplied air in the workplace and transport vehicles has air pre-filters to remove dust, hair, insects, pollen, fibers, ect.

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter is composed of a mat of randomly arranged fibers. It is designed to target very small pollutants and particles. A combination of three mechanism – interception, impaction, and diffusion – works to trap particles.

Carbon Filtering is a method filtering that uses a bed of activated carbon to remove impurities from liquid using adsorption. The substrate has a large surface area within which contaminants can be trapped.

Coverage Area

This means an area filled with 4 king size beds or more, which includes most room size.

This compact body shoots out about 25 single cubic meter boxes of clean air in just 10 minutes.

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