This modular cat climber was designed to fit in with your existing furniture set!

Furniture design has flourished during this pandemic as we all need something multifunctional, flexible, and space-saving – and it applies to pet furniture too. The latest piece to catch our eye has been the Kyali cat climber by MADE for its almost human furniture-like design because usually, a cat climber would stick out but this one just blends in like a cozy stool!

The climber has a warm inviting vibe because of the woody tones and the soft fabric cushioning that will instantly draw your cats in for a nap. It is a blend of a bed and a dynamic game for your pets. Featuring three shelves or levels, Kyali’s goal was to provide plenty of fun for your feline friends without taking up too much room. It has a modular structure that lets you adjust the shape to create more space for cats to explore or to make it more compact to store.

It keeps the space clutter-free while giving the cats enough surfaces to scratch and hole-some entertainment. The walnut and navy aesthetics give it an evergreen look that works for any interior style. Your cats would be happy and comfy with Kyali while letting you work from home in peace!

Designer: MADE

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