High-performance everyday tees made from recycled water bottles and eucalyptus will swear you off cotton forever


Remember when 100% cotton was the golden standard for everyday clothing? Not that there’s anything wrong with cotton… but hey, it’s human nature to look for better solutions, right? Meet Seadon, a series of high-performance tees made for everyday wearing. Designed to be more breathable, durable, comfortable, temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking, and fast-drying than the standard cotton tee, Seadon’s everyday tee shirts come made from a mix of innovative fibers. From comfortable merino wool to naturally cooling eucalyptus-based Tencel, and the sustainable and moisture-wicking recycled PET, Seadon’s tees are anything but the status quo cotton tees.

Seadon’s Daily Tees push the boundaries of the understated comfort and utility of your go-to tee shirt. Designed around specific purposes, the tees come in three variants. The Traveller is the perfect base-layer tee shirt, designed for long trips and outdoor use. Made from 70% Merino Wool and 30% Eucalyptus-fiber Tencel, the tees are engineered to be soft and comfortable as they regulate temperature, resist wrinkling, staining, and repel liquids. The Traveller works as a great insulator and can be worn over thick coats and jackets. Conversely, if the sun gets too rough, the tee works well independently too, with a rating of UPF~ 50+ to protect you against harsh sunlight. Designed to be worn over long journeys, the tee can be worn for as long as 7 days before needing to be washed.

For more active lifestyles, the Trailblazer tee gives you the comfort of a fabric that feels comfortable and airy when worn. Made from equal parts RPET and Polygiene (and finished with ‘miDori’ a naturally wicking coating derived from algae oil), Seadon’s Trailblazer tees are perfect for sweating in. The tees naturally stretch to let you move freely, dry faster than traditional clothing, and offer high breathability and sun-protection. Made from a yarn that’s derived from recycled plastic, these tees last much longer than traditional clothing, while also being more sustainable and having a lower carbon footprint than your cotton or polyester tee shirt.

Seadon’s third variant proves to be its most popular with ‘best-of-both-worlds’ features. Crafted from a proprietary combination of Bluesign RPET (recycled PET), Polygiene, Eucalyptus Tencel, and with the moisture-wicking miDori coating, the Daymaker gives you the comfort of your favorite tee shirt but upgrades its abilities with durable stitching, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, as well as temperature-regulating features.

Each tee comes in multiple sizes for men and women, sports a variety of colors, and even sleeve lengths. Sporting an evergreen design that’s well-paired with a durable build, comfortable yarn, and a host of features that just make them superior, Seadon’s Daily Tees reinvent the wheel by taking the ubiquitous, classic cotton tee and making it softer, more long-lasting, breathable, stretchable, and the kind of tee your skin will fall in love with. Besides, its ethically-sourced supply chain and bio-degradable packaging will ensure the environment loves your tees too!

Designer: Seadon Design

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The Daily-Tee Collection by Seadon

This is Seadon’s 2nd Kickstarter campaign and they bring their newest technical T-shirt range ‘The Daily-Tee’ collection (Traveller, Trailblazer & Daymaker). They are made from ultra-fine merino wool with cooling Tencel® eucalyptus and featherlight fabrics from recycled water bottles.

The Traveller T-shirt

The Traveler is a versatile tee for long journeys. It’s able to naturally adapt to your surroundings, weathering it through a wide range of temperatures, whilst being extremely lightweight and luxuriously soft to wear. It is made of 70% ZQ Merino Wool (Ultra-fine grade) with 30% Tencel.

Naturally Antimicrobial – Merino Wool and Tencel® are also two of the best antimicrobial fibers in the world.

Water Resistant – The exterior of the wool fiber is hydrophobic (water-resistant), while the cortex of the wool fiber is hydrophilic (i.e., moisture-loving) and is estimated to absorb 1/3 of its weight in water without feeling damp to the skin.

Wrinkle Resistant – The elastic properties of the Merino fiber make it extremely wrinkle resistant. Just hang for half an hour and you’re good to go.

Temperature Regulator – Merino Wool and Tencel® are two of the best temperature regulating fibers. Stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Cooling Tencel® – Tencel® is 100% natural fibers derived from Eucalyptus trees. Their fibers are cool to the touch, silky-soft, efficient in moisture absorption, and gentle to the skin.

ZQ Merino – They been working with ZQ Merino, the world’s leading ethical wool company in New Zealand, to source the best ethical and sustainable Merino Wool to be used in our Traveler Tee.

The Trailblazer T-shirt

The Trailblazer is the tee built to pursue performance. Whether you hike, run, ride or climb, you can take it to the limit, with this tee never missing a beat.

Featherlight – Keeping it light at only 95gsm for men, and 78gsm for women.

Quick Dry – Their breathable fabric allows for optimum airflow with quick-drying ability.

High Stretch – High-stretch without adding spandex for maximum mobility.

FreeBreathe™ Fabric – Allow your body to breathe freely with our unique FreeBreathe™ fabric construction that allows maximum air-flow while providing 100% coverage.

The Daymaker T-shirt

The Daymaker is your all-round tee that’s ready to take it easy, or step it up a notch.

Soft Touch – Made with 70% recycled Polyester (from plastic bottles), blended with 30% Tencel® (Eucalyptus fiber), this tech tee is softer than your softest cotton tee.

CoolWick Fabric – A world-first performance finish derived from Algae oil (miDori bio-Wick), which turbocharges the fabric’s wicking and drying ability to a whole new level.

Stay Fresh All Day – The ‘Stay Fresh’ technology from Polygiene will help you stay fresh all day every day with its eco-friendly, permanent, anti-odor finish.

DuraStitch Seams –  Stronger, Softer, and more Durable than your average seam construction.

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