Enough with the Plastic Already!

Google “turtle straw”… I dare you. This was the video that encouraged me to stop using straws and other avoidable plastics. If you’ve seen it or are already limiting your own usage for other reasons, here’s a design you’ll appreciate. One of the easiest things people who pack their lunch can do to reduce plastic waste is to invest in a good set of reusable utensils. However, many continue to use plastic knives and forks because it’s difficult to keep portable utensils clean and sanitary. Designed with this in mind, the EcoDining set consists of a fork, spoon and knife as well as chopsticks that can be carried in a cleverly designed case.

After being used, individuals can rinse off the different pieces and pack them back in the case. An integrated UV light and heating system sanitizes, disinfects and dries the utensils, ensuring they’re prepped for use the next time you need them! The durable case is compact so you can throw in a bag or purse and durable enough to toss around until it’s time to eat.

Designer: Zhao Xiong