This backyard cabin gives you an incredible view while you WFH!

Designed to be a cozy private retreat that sits just a few feet away from your home, the Workstation Cabin gives you the advantage of a great working den that’s surrounded by nature. Its edgy, polygonal design looks great from both the inside as well as outside, as designers Hello Wood Studio (pioneers of the Hungarian cabin movement) constructed the 8-square-meter unique wooden house using wood panels and huge windows that let the natural light in.

Made so that it can be the extra room your house needs (now that everyone’s stuck indoors), the Workstation Cabin is an insulated and soundproof room that can easily serve as a “workstation, a meeting room, a kids playroom, and a perfect hiding place if you are looking for a quiet space to read, relax and exercise”, according to the designers. After work hours, the cabin could even be converted into a makeshift bedroom for a night-out among the stars, or even for guests! Hello Wood Studios built the private retreat with the ability to later add extra features like heating/cooling, mood-lighting, in-built sound system, TV-screen, and WiFi setup, and can be assembled on your lawn/backyard or even on a terrace!

The angular cocoon-like cabin comes with ample space to serve as the cabin you’ve always wanted. Large windows allow you to admire the space you’re in, and a neat skylight even allows sunlight to pour in, illuminating it beautifully with natural light. I’d definitely work overtime if I were in this situation!

Designer: Hello Wood Studio