Apple’s magic mouse wishes it was as slick and luxurious as the Asus Artone

The Asus Artone is every bit the iPhone of the mouse category. I’m talking luxurious design, white glossy surfaces, rose gold accents, faux leather textures… the Asus Artone concept is a mouse designed for your hands as well as your eyes. The optical mouse comes with a single surface on the top that rocks both left and right, serving as a left-right-clicker, along with touch-sensitive capabilities that lets you do everything from scrolling to zooming, rotating, and pinching.

It wouldn’t really be the iPhone of mice (mouses?!) if it weren’t technologically at par either… which is why the Artone is obviously wireless. A switch along its bottom helps toggle between Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wi-fi connectivity, allowing you to toggle between regular connectivity and great-quality low-latency connectivity that’s ideal for gaming. The most advanced part about the Artone? Its absolute lack of a charging port (something people say the iPhone is considering doing later next year too). Alternatively, the Artone comes with the ability to be wirelessly charged… which means you could just leave the mouse on a charging pad while not in use and it’ll automatically juice its own battery – or better still, open the possibility for a technology that allows the Artone to charge WHILE in use, sort of like a wireless mousepad!

Designer: Lin Zhi