Unique chair design mimics how you sit comfortably (if that’s how you sit)

If you have a favorite chair or seat at home, you find a certain sense of comfort when you’re sitting there and doing your thing whether it’s reading, browsing your phone, or even sleeping. You always gravitate to that space because it feels familiar and comfortable. There are even chairs that eventually conform to your shape and it becomes even more a part of you. But most likely this chair or bean bag has the typical shape and design that we’re used to seeing. What if there’s something that looks uncomfortable but may in fact be that kind of chair that you’re looking for?

Designer: Dohui Kim

At first glance, the Dohui Chair looks like a piece of art installation shaped like a kind of pretzel. But it is a concept for a chair that is based on a sitting position that apparently a lot of people find comfortable. It is a floor chair so usually people who sit there take on different positions, particularly one that is most pleasant or enjoyable for them. The designer says that we are drawn to things that may be similar to ourselves and the chair is something that she based on a “friendly and affectionate” feeling that is similar to herself.

The chair has a circular base design and then an elongated, pretzel-like body where you can place your body according to the shape it is presenting. Your legs will be curved over the lower part of the chair while your back rests on the top part and your butt fits right into the circle. The product render shows off three different colors: blue, orange, and green. The description says that you can take on different positions while resting on the Dohui Chair, although it’s hard to see how you can do so and there are images showing these different positions.

It seems to be a design that has been well thought of even if it doesn’t look that comfortable to me because of the shape. As someone who prefers my legs to be flat on the floor, I don’t know how the shape can actually help me sit better. But if you’re the type who sits that way or how it conforms to the chair, then this is an interesting piece of furniture that you’ll eventually want to try out.