MOFT’s genius laptop sleeve transforms into an angled stand using the power of origami!

It seems the guys at MOFT have yet another trick up their sleeve… I mean their laptop sleeve. Coming from the guys that made the world’s lightest, most invisible laptop stand, this is the MOFT Carry Sleeve. It houses your laptop like any regular sleeve, but does much more than just that. Built with an innovative folding design (a feature we’ve really come to love across all of MOFT’s products), the Carry Sleeve transforms into an angular laptop stand with a simple flip of two tabs. Built with a magnetic flap that secures the stand in place, the Carry Sleeve can be adjusted to 15° or 25° angles to give you a better computing experience while ensuring your laptop stays cool.

The MOFT Carry Sleeve comes with a waterproof, scratch-resistant PU-based leather exterior that houses your laptop in its slim yet durable design. The front of the sleeve features a neoprene patch that expands when you need to carry accessories like pencils, notebooks, AirPods, or other EDC, but goes back to its flat shape when you don’t. Creases visible along the exterior of the sleeve serve as folding indications, practically guiding when you need to turn the sleeve into a stand. The stand can be set at one of two angles, depending on what works best for you. 21 built-in magnets help secure the Carry Sleeve at the angle of your choice, and the sleeve’s robust design can handle up to 10 kilograms (or 22 lbs) of downward pressure and easily withstand over a 1000 folds while still looking brand new. Besides, the Carry Sleeve’s unique folding design also allows it to have a wider mouth, making it easier to slide your laptop into (a feature you’ll come to appreciate when you’re rushing in and out of meetings, or darting out of the café to catch a cab).

MOFT rose to fame with its invisible laptop stand, which collected well over $2 million in backing through its crowdfunding campaigns. Innovative folding techniques have practically become the backbone (pardon the pun) of MOFT’s stand catalog that’s expanded to cover not just laptops but even tablets and smartphones. The Carry Sleeve joins the ranks of MOFT’s products, and offers a solution that doesn’t just attach itself to the base of the laptop, but rather encases it in a stylish, protective layer that holds your laptop along with your EDC and even a couple of business cards too. The Carry Sleeve comes in three sizes, ranging from 13-inch and 13.3-inch to the larger 16-inch variant, is available across 4 incredibly timeless colors, and ships as early as August 2020.

Designer: MOFT Studio

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MOFT Carry Sleeve  Invisible Stand & Storage

The MOFT Carry Sleeve is an innovative 4-in-1 design. It provides the safety and protection of a sleeve, the ergonomy of a laptop stand, the portability essentials of a storage bag, and a look that lets you commute in style.

From the office to the cafe to school, MOFT keeps your day-to-day adventures light and convenient.

Good Design is Invisible

Features & Benefits

Laptop Sleeve & Stand – With MOFT carry sleeve, you don’t need to carry an extra laptop stand around with you – it’s already there, making your work life healthier without anything extra.

2 Angles, More Comfort – They designed MOFT sleeve to have two angles – 15° and 25°. Now, browsing through files and documents or having online meetings will be much more comfortable when your laptop is placed on the stand in 25° angles, which is the highest angles among the sleeves. And if you work at a higher desk? The 15° is ideal for an improved, strain-free view.

Invisible Storage – MOFT’s interior has convenient, expandable storage for this very reason. The bag is all you need to keep essentials such as power adapters, notebooks, cell phones, mouses, etc.

Holds up to 10 KG – The innovative fold-in triangle structure makes it sturdy and stable enough to prop up your device. It can support up to 10 kg and fits all laptops on the market.

30% Thinner than Regular PU – MOFT Carry Sleeve is made with customized PU material and fiberglass, making it slim, lightweight and durable while looking superb. You can carry your laptop in a sleek style, without the bulk. It is 30% thinner than regular PU, with 3 years of increased durability. It’s slim as an iPad Pro.

It gives you a feather-soft touch feeling just like real leather with a sense of technology. Folding endurance keeps it in shape even its folded a thousand times.

Additional Details

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Click Here to Buy Now: $44 $59 (25% off). Hurry, only 438/1000 left! Raised over $180,000.