Incense Lamp curls and bends like a real incense

Incense Lamp Details

A lamp is an object that can come in different shapes and sizes. It doesn’t have to be boring with its basic stand and a lampshade. Lamps can be interesting and enjoyable to look at and use.

Lamps serve an essential function, and that is to illuminate the surroundings. Perhaps a lamp is one of the easiest ways to change the look of a particular area in the house. The amount of lighting and the kind of illumination a lamp gives will depend on your style.

Designer: Siyu Lou

Incense Lamp Lighting

The Incense Lamp is a new lamp design inspired by incense. The Chinese incense, specifically, is the inspiration for this. Like a real incense, the lamp curls as if it is an incense burning. The curling of the incense signifies Buddha’s coming to the Chinese.

To turn on the light, you need to blow the lampshade. Blow again if you want to turn it off. When the lamp is on, the silicon lampshade will slowly bend. It will come back to its original form when turned off.

And like real incense, the light of the lamp will slowly fade. It may need some 30 minutes to be fully turned off, which is suitable for those who want to slow things down. On the other hand, it may be just what you need when you want some time to relax.

Incense Lamp Designer

The Incense Lamp designed by Siyu Lou boasts minimalist aesthetics. Like other Siyu Lou designs, this one is simple in white and its form. The lamp stands because another curled part at the bottom serves as the support. The primary material of the upper tip is silicone, so it can bend.

Incense Lamp Design

A power button is found on the bottom curl. There is also a tiny LED light that we’re assuming indicates if the battery is low. We’re also assuming this one is battery-operated because there is no wire or cable. The body of the lamp is very slim so a battery may be enough to power it.

Uniquely and beautifully designed lamps are more than just a trend. The design world is fast-moving, and this includes lamp design. The latter is an excellent and effective way to complement any home when it comes to aesthetics. You can just buy a new lamp if you want to change a room’s look quickly.

Incense Lamp Product

A lamp’s purpose is to light the home, but it is also decorative. Any well-designed lamp adds beauty and cozy touch to any home area. It’s one way to unleash one’s creativity or make a room a fun space for everyone. The Incense Lamp can be a conversation starter because, at first glance, you may not figure out what it is.

Incense Lamp

Incense Lamp Concept