Bathroom Designs that you can escape to: Part 4

The best places to relax, in my opinion are a great massage or the next best thing – a hot bath! Just sink in and let the stress melt away and trust me (or you can ask Chandler Bing) baths are therapeutic for women and men alike when rightly done. But you can’t have a bath in a bathroom that is a mess. If there is one thing you can do this weekend, spend some time setting up your bathroom so it can be the place you can escape to when the pandemic and social distancing gets too much to bear!

Titled Ethnic Minimalism, this interior design by Studio Light Design makes the most of the minimal bedroom with the surrounding views to enthrall you. Using stone and natural textures, this space uses black to create a stark yet minimal contrast to the entire room.

With a strong dose of minimalism, this bathroom design of the house named Black Mirror II (no relation to the series though) is designed by Nadia Smitiukh and Illya Rastvorov. The matte black theme across this bathroom is at once stark as well as futuristic.

Japanese homes are notorious for their narrow spaces and designers make the most of every little alcove. Shinichi Ogawa & Associates have managed to add depth and make more space to the O Residence in Tokyo. Maximizing the use of white to elongate the space, the designers have kept the interiors simple and clean and instill a sense of calmness through the house.

Cartelle Design’s use of a textured sink is the stunning focal point of this bathroom design. The design also uses black to contrast the earthy natural colours and textures throughout the space.

Love Affairs collection by Wow Design showcases a transition in the tiling between two different natural materials – going from tiles to wooden slats with a natural ease. Metallic furnishings add a touch of elegance to the entire setting.

Bogdanova Bureau has a mix of materials in a subtle harmony across this bathroom – from ceramic, wood to even glass. The focal point for me however is the use of the frosted glass window to create a natural light source that gives the space a glow.

Egzon Rexhepi of Móto Design decided to minimize the use of artificial elements and create a natural space for you to retreat to. We love the contrast of the fresh plants and the natural rock formations, creating your private lagoon for you to escape to and relax!

This ultra minimal and modern white bathroom by Geometrix Design is almost futuristic in its appeal. The black lines act like a border in a sketch-like design though I would love to add a pop of greenery in that bathroom.

Home Design Studio HD-M2 have created an almost sepia-tone with their palette of browns, beige, dusty gold and warm sunny lighting. The unconventional use of wood in the bathroom design adds to the old-school vibe while the sharp corners add a modern edge to the design.

Tolko Interior’s Osko village brings your Instagram inspirations to life with the mix of pale pinks, wild patterns and modern furnishings. The sloping roof adds an angle, creating perspective lines that draw our attention to the minimal bathtub at the edge of the room!

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