FPM’s luggage combines a bed, kitchen, and work-desk in 3 suitcases


Titled the Workstation, the Bedstation, and the Cookstation, FPM’s latest line of cases designed by Marc Sadler literally fit your house sans the loo into them. Three suitcases act as three rooms, namely the bedroom, the office, and the kitchen, fitting pretty much everything you’d need into the three bags big enough for the boot of your car!

A part of FPM’s Bank series, the suitcases are crafted from ribbed aluminum and made to look, feel, and be sturdy and robust, protecting the items (or stations) inside. The products however evoke strong Milanese fashion sensibilities too, with beautiful leather handles and accents and a design that combines utilitarian with aesthetic, rugged with comfortable. The Bedstation comes with a mattress of its own and a fold-out palette to place said mattress on. It even has its own side-table-esque cabinet to the left of you, for all items you’d want to have at your bedside. The Workstation comes ready with a fold-out chair with a leather seat and cushion, a table big enough for your laptop and other bits and bobs, and compartmentalized storage below it, for files and papers, stationery, and other work paraphernalia. Filling all the gaps between work and rest is the Cookstation, a set that’s complete with a cooktop, cutting surface, drawers for all your cutlery, and oh, there’s even a refrigerator for perishables! Once you’re all wrapped up, everything packs neatly away and you’re ready to go to your next destination. With a remarkable design and execution by Sadler, FPM’s station series brings the indoors to the outdoors. Traveling couldn’t get any more comfortable!

Designer: Marc Sadler for Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano