Become a pro gamer and a street photographer with this ergonomic universal game controller!


If you are still caught between the PlayStation and Xbox gaming console dilemma, I say drop them both and get this innovative device that turns your phone into a console instead! The BETOP G-2 is a portable universal game controller for your smartphone and that means you can play anytime, anywhere without wasting your time setting up your console or getting into the PS vs Xbox wars on the internet.

The BETOP G-2 was created by award-winning designer Rice Mak to make the joy of gaming accessible by optimizing your phone. Not only does it reduce cost but it also saves space. Yes, the experience of playing on your phone vs on the TV may not be the same but having your game in your pocket is a lot better than having to be home to play. The controller is ergonomically designed to encase your phone and be comfortable for you to play. It also doubles up as a steady grip for you to practice photography using just one hand – something that makes it unique when compared to other mobile controllers!

Its rounded square shape is compact and splits open into two parts that clip onto either side of your phone. There are two tactile controller buttons and the L1 + L2 ones on the left while the right top side features the R + Capture buttons. I bet you would love the fact that your phone can continue to charge while you have this console on so you don’t have to choose between your battery or your progress! The minimal black aesthetic suits every phone and the layout has been designed in a way that it is intuitive to use whether you are an avid player or just starting to have fun. The BETOP G-2 is versatile, portable, modular, and a whole lot of fun!

Designer: Rice Mak of Husky Design

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