Move over Dyson… this hair dryer is cordless, portable, and half the price

Ever wondered why mainstream hair dryers never went wireless? Well, there’s a variety of complicated reasons, but if you look for it, you may actually spot a trend. Most travel irons aren’t ever wireless too, or up until very recently, hair-straighteners. The unraveling list of reasons usually ranges from simple quips like ‘they don’t need to be’ or ‘there isn’t a market for it’ to more complex ones like them having really high power requirements, or them being heat-based (which actually makes sense because heat and lithium-ion batteries do not make great friends).

There will, however, always be exceptions and outliers in every category… like the AER, which beat most companies to the wireless hair dryer game (even the big ones, like Philips and Dyson). The AER cuts the cord on hair drying, turning it into a portable product you can use anywhere without worrying about being near a power outlet. Built with lithium-silicone batteries that are stored in the hair dryer’s handle (far away from the heating coil), the AER makes a significant upgrade to the hair dryer… a product that hasn’t seen much innovation in practically a century. Designed to be sufficiently advanced, the AER isn’t just wireless, it’s smart too. Sensors within the dryer analyze the air quality and humidity around you, modifying the heat-setting to suit the environment you’re in. The batteries themselves provide up to 4 hours of usage on a full charge, and if at any point of time you find yourself with a low battery, the AER works with a cord too, connecting to the nearest power socket.

Hair Dryers haven’t fundamentally changed since the 1920s, where they first became hand-held. The concept has always remained the same, pushing a gust of air through a heated coil – with a few modifications down the road including temperature settings and foldable handles. The AER, however, turns it into a portable, intuitive, smart device with an AI chip and as many as 13 sensors that monitor ambient air temperature and humidity and automatically control the dryer’s settings (like air-flow, temperature, and drying time) to best suit your hair, along with a DC Ionizer that helps de-frizz hair that’s difficult to work with! A clever LED ring sits at the very rim of the dryer’s air outlet, letting you know the temperature of the air through color. The AER eventually learns over time to perform better while saving energy, and a companion smartphone app provides you with expert tips, helping guide you in realtime (thanks to an accelerometer in the AER) as you dry your hair in new styles. Pair this with the AER’s wireless nature and you’ve got yourself an appliance that quite literally blows the competition away (pardon the pun!)

The batteries make the AER significantly larger than most other hair dryers, but the benefits outweigh the size drawback. The AER can be carried in travel cases on holidays, or even in large purses and travel make-up kits for people who need to look their best anytime anywhere. It also means that you can immediately dry your pets off too after a bath in the garden or a rainy day instead of having them drip all the way till the bathroom. It can be used in its cordless mode for the most part, and comes with its own charging dock that lets you power it when not in use. Running low on battery? Just plug a cable in and use the AER like a regular corded hair dryer… no biggie! The AER hair dryer comes with salon-grade attachments right in the box, and even has three incredibly chic colors to choose from… and for a dryer that’s probably twice as innovative as Dyson’s Supersonic, the wireless, untethered AER hair dryer comes with practically half the price tag.

Designer: AER

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AER – High Performance, Artificially Intelligent, Cordless Hair Dryer

AER is the world’s first cordless, artificially intelligent hair dryer.

AER hair dryers can seamlessly go from corded to cordless. They use less heat to tend to your tresses, helping to optimize health and shine, while the AI technology adjusts to your styling preferences, you can transform your look easily and quickly.

The AER hair dryer’s ergonomic and lightweight design (2 lbs) also provides the flexibility modern life demands, meaning you can blow dry your hair from any room in the house, and wherever you go.

Here is what hair stylists are saying.

Hair Dryer That Knows You

With 13 built-in sensors, the AER hair dryer’s artificial intelligence system learns how you like to dry your hair and optimizes the heat and fan speed for a healthy blow dry. AER is also the only hair dryer with a DC ionizer.

The AER dryer is designed to team-up with their smartphone app, which unlocks expert tips to help you make the most of your AER drying experience and keep your locks healthy and beautiful. Continual connectivity enables your AER dryer to keep getting smarter, tailoring the drying experience perfectly to your preferences.

World’s Most Eco-friendly Hair Dryer

For every 100 standard dryers replaced with an AER hair dryer, they remove the energy equivalent of 4.5 car emissions from the road annually.

That’s because they reinvented the hair dryer from the inside out. A standard hair dryer operates at 1500 watts. Due to AER’s technology, you get a fast hair dry with healthier results at just 500 watts.

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