The world’s first ‘convertible pillow’ transforms in shape to let you nap anywhere

First came the spoon, the fork, and the knife… then, in the interest of versatility and portability, someone fused them into the modern-day Spork, which integrates all three tools into one form, allowing you to eat any type of food anywhere with ease. Think of the napEazy as doing the same thing for pillows. Designed as a combination of the bed pillow, the back-rest pillow, the desk-pillow, and the neck-worn travel pillow, napEazy lets you comfortably nap anywhere, whether you’re sitting or lying down. Its design looks pretty ordinary at first, barring the presence of a parting line that runs vertically across its center. Pull the two halves apart and the parting line reveals a telescopic pole on the inside that helps extend the pillow, allowing you to prop one end on your lap as you use the other to rest your head as you’re sitting – enabling you to keep your spine straight as you nap. Close the pillow down and you’ve got yourself a perfectly compact regular pillow you can use in bed, in a park, on the beach, or anywhere you get the opportunity to stretch your legs while traveling. You can even go ahead and use it as an extension pillow to expand the area on those ridiculously narrow airline armrests!

The napEazy was designed to be the one go-to pillow you could use when you’re away from your own bed. Whether at work for those quick power naps, or during your long commute, or even while traveling, the napEazy’s all-in-one nature makes it, well, as the name suggests… easy to nap. The concept was incubated at Airbus Bizlab, before evolving into its own independent company. The napEazy’s two-part design uses a dual-layer memory foam that’s just the right amount of soft while also being water-repellent and hypo-allergenic. A travel-case-inspired telescopic rod allows the napEazy to split into two, turning it into a prop-up pillow you can use to help you sleep forward or sideways while sitting, keeping your spine straight to avoid aches or posture-related problems. The split-pillow can be used on flat surfaces too, allowing two people to share the same pillow at a distance.

napEazy’s pillow design is the result of months of conceptualizing at Bizlab, an incubator/accelerator run by Airbus, and rigorous testing and prototyping at Airbus’s ProtoSpace. Compact enough to be carried anywhere, and comfortable enough to induce sleep while sitting at a desk or in those airline seats, the napEazy gives you the benefits of a face-pillow as well as a neck pillow – in the avatar of a regular pillow that’s small enough to fit in most travel cases and backpacks. Besides, it even packs a convenient pouch that you can use to store quick go-to essentials like your phone, wallet, passport, or boarding pass. The napEazy comes in two sizes and in a wide gamut of colors… although knowing me I’d probably pick the black one, given that it looks classy and requires the least amount of maintenance… or the adorable Penguin-print one which easily doubles up as a plush toy for youngsters!

Designers: Arvind Kumaran, Pradipta Sahoo, Soham Patel and Shanavas MS

Click Here to Buy Now: $45 $75 ($30 off). Hurry, only 5/105 left!

napEazy – The World’s First Convertible Pillow

napEazy is the only pillow that facilitates front, side and back sleeping postures.

All you need to unlock napEazy’s potential is the push of the button to extend it to the length of your liking.

Ergonomic Design

Expert opinion on napEazy by Dr. Deepankar.

napEazy Features

Light Weight – Carry napEazy anywhere. Around 1.3lb.
Hypoallergenic – Dust Mite resistance. Lab certified.
Water Resistance – Forget about spills and stains.
Durable – Extensive user testing with 500 beta-testers.
Machine Washable – Easily wash the cover in your washing machine.

Dual-Layer Memory Foam – napEazy is made of dual-layer memory foam with differential density to give you comfort never experienced before.

Easy to Carry – Attach it to your bag; Slip it inside your bag; Slip it out.

Storage Pouch – For your small accessories so that you don’t lose them.

Powered by Biocrystal® – The combination of precisely defined quantity is a result of 9 year research. The ratio is ground and mixed in a special procedure with no added chemicals.

napEazy Styles – Available in Blush Cherry, Qtee Panda, Northern Lights Kiwi, Qtee Owl, Smokey Kiwi and Qtee Penguin.

Click Here to Buy Now: $45 $75 ($30 off). Hurry, only 5/105 left!