Vertical workstation complete with lamp, power supply, and modular shelves moves to where you want your office set up

Working from home has become a norm for many of us, but setting up a dedicated workspace can be a challenge. Enter the innovative Workstick, a vertical workstation designed to transform any corner of your home into a functional office space. So, say goodbye to the traditional desk and embrace the new way of mobile working at home.

The Workstick is all about redefining how we view our home workspace. Instead of dedicating an entire room to work, you can now turn a section of a wall or an open space – sofa or the bay window – into your office. This vertical working system is incredibly versatile, mobile, functional, and most importantly does not eat up your precious floor space.

Designer: Alp Çakın

With modularity at its core, Workstick allows you to customize your workspace according to your needs. You can add or remove shelve modules of the vertical workstation to create a portable and tailored working area that suits you. Need extra storage? No problem, just attach the storage module. Want better lighting? Attach the lighting module. The possibilities are endless, and you’re no longer tied to a fixed desk.

Charging your laptop is a breeze with the Workstick’s power supply module. It comes equipped with a convenient USB port on the back, ensuring that your gadgets stay charged: before, while or after working. The top surface of the power supply module can also power the lighting module when you’re using them together. This integration ensures that your workspace is well-lit at all times.

The Workstick is designed with mobility in mind. Thanks to hidden wheels discreetly placed under the product’s base, you can effortlessly move it to your desired location. Whether you want to switch rooms, follow the sunlight, or simply change your view, the Workstick – a game-changer in home office setups – makes it easy!