A designer fused a Lamborghini, Cybertruck, and DeLorean into one badass automobile

The fusion automotive concept is so cool, humans don’t deserve to drive it.

Meet the E.V.E. Countach, a Lamborghini with strong Back To The Future vibes. Envisioned by Khyzyl Saleem, the car comes designed for the year 2090, and packs airless tires, DeLorean-style thrusters that lead me to believe the car is a portal into the past and future, and perhaps the most important detail, a cockpit with no space for a driver, because the E.V.E. Countach is capable of navigating the four dimensions on its own.

The car comes with an edgy aggressive design that can be attributed to Lamborghini’s DNA, but with a touch of the Cybertruck. A metallic paint job, edge-lit headlamps and taillights, and exaggerated polygonal body panels give the Lamborghini a strong Brubaker-meets-Tesla appeal. The concept automobile seats just one, but it’s sure to give you quite the ride. Large windows and a sunroof allow you to observe your surroundings in stunning detail as you drive on roads, highways, and interstellar time portals… plus there are even rear-view mirrors, just for good measure.

Designer: Khyzyl Saleem