The Perfect Bedside Lamp?


We see bedside lamps in a wide variety of design styles, however, not one of them has looked quite like this one. Svamp has both a strong form and function, making it an extremely interesting design that is just as great when the light is off, as it is when it is on.

The light gently emits out of the translucent top section, calmly bathing the side table in light. On top of this sits its most unique feature, and one that brings great function to the product; the donut-shaped dish can be used to hold small items, while the smaller sub-section can keep items separate.

A dark blue has been used for color on the inner top section and on the translucent base, while a complimentary orange is present on the power cable and top sub-section to add an interesting visual and make a strong and bold statement.

Designer: Christoph Andrejcic