This coffee grinder looks like it should belong in an art gallery!

Meet the Mtoyi Coffee Grinder. Apart from pulverizing coffee beans to a fine powder, it pulverizes hearts and minds too, with its faceted and minimal-yet-fresh design.

Playing with geometry, color, material, and finish in ways that make the grinder less of an appliance and more of a sculpture, the Mtoyi uses light in a unique way, with facets that create dramatic shadows and highlights, translucent containers that refract light in beautiful ways, colors that absolutely make the kitchen pop, and metallic accents that just add a bit of a wow factor to the grinder. Using the Mtoyi is pretty simple too. Pop the roasted beans in, twist the ring around the base of the container to adjust the coarseness, and then the knob to determine how many cups worth of coffee-grounds you need Then just press down on the knob and admire your absolute beauty of a coffee grinder as it provides an absolutely multi-sensorial experience by looking the way it does, with those facets that feel great to run your finger against, and by filling your kitchen with the gentle whirr of coffee being ground along with the wafting aroma… and finally, with the taste of coffee, when you actually get down to brewing that beautifully fresh cup of joe!

Designer: Xiaohuochai