This purifier’s 4 part cleansing process works on your clothes and your room

Now more than ever we are looking for home appliances that are multifunctional and extra points to those that have additional cleaning or purification functions, right? If I find a keyboard that can also sanitize my hands then maybe I will spend more time working from home, or maybe a coffee mug that also doubles up as a portable facial steamer! The concept of combining purification functionality with a home appliance is a gold mine right now and that is why there is no surprise that the FAD 01/02 clothing and air multi-care system is one of the winners of the Red Dot Design Awards 2019.

This clothes purifier is a mini wardrobe with a large mirror that not only purifies your clothes but also your room when you leave its door open – much friendlier than how my refrigerator acts when I do the same thing with it. As the dust pollution and pollen allergies increase, this sleek home appliance offers a solution by blasting precise gushes of air on the hung clothes to removes the dust and pollen. The continuous air circulation means no particles are left behind on the clothing. It allows you to select settings for different types of clothing items, different materials, and cleansing options on its user-interface screen.

It’s dual cleaning system then sprays nano electrolyzed water onto the clothing, absorbing and removing odor and leftover dust particles. After that, the clothes are dried and dehumidified in a low-temperature setting. The FAD 01/02 ensures your clothes come out clean and wrinkle-free thanks to its intricate 4-part system and a methodical cleansing process. Once your clothes are out, leave the door open and let its dehumidifying and air purifying systems work to cleanse your indoor air as well – works in all seasons too!

The Fad 01/02 is a winner of the Red Dot Design Awards 2019.

Designers: Bo Seong Seo & Kyoung Hwa Maeng of Coway