This drip coffee machine combines multiple accessories to upgrade your brew!

When I think of drip coffee the only thing that comes to mind is the iconic Mr.Coffee machine. Other than that, the only way to make it is by hand and with multiple accessories – a filter, a cone to hold the filter, a grinder for the beans, a weighing scale or a measuring spoon to put the perfect amount and then the slow process of pouring water so you don’t over brew it. So the choices are between the most basic pot coffee machine or a tedious process that requires a lot of tools – none of them are convenient and if you are using a specialty roast, you want to do it justice by making it perfectly! SCOPE is a drip coffee machine that takes the guesswork out by merging a scale, a grinder, filters all into one brewing appliance!

Not a professional barista? No problem. Don’t want to buy 5 different things to brew just one cup of coffee? No worries. Still want to enjoy a fine cup? Then this is the machine that should replace your drip coffee maker! SCOPE combines multiple accessories to make the process convenient for you as well as justify buying expensive roasts. Drip coffee isn’t always considered superior like espresso is, but it is the most fundamental and basic thing to learn for a coffee enthusiast – this is your level one coffee. Because there is no fluff around it, drip coffee actually teaches you to appreciate the true taste of the drink, just your basic hot water, and beans to give you the most authentic flavor without any pressure (literally!). It also doesn’t require paper filters which reduces a lot of waste if you drink coffee every day.

When manually brewing drip coffee in an authentic manner, you require a certain grind and also have to weigh the amount for the filter. After that, you have to make sure the water is between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal extraction. Colder water will result in flat, under-extracted coffee, while water that is too hot will also cause a loss of quality in the taste of the coffee. So there is a lot of guesswork that can go in if you don’t have all the parts or you could brush it off and drink a mediocre cup. But SCOPE’s built-in grinder, scale, temperature control, and timer give you a significantly finer degree of control for making a perfect cup of hand-dripped coffee.

SCOPE is also the winner of the Asia Design Awards 2020. The brewing process is optimized to be simple yet delicate to give you a joyful experience. With hot water, beans, and SCOPE, you can cherish the rich taste of specialty coffee at home without a barista-level setup or a whole cabinet full of accessories!

Designer: Joo Hwan Hong