The original Anti-theft backpack’s creators made a new travel-case that literally doubles in size

Chances are you’ve come across some version of the Bobby Anti-theft backpack sometime in your life. Launched in early 2016, the Bobby outlined the framework for the world’s first backpack designed to deter theft. Featuring a hidden zipper that was strategically placed close to your back, the Bobby was designed to be very difficult to break into… and stealthily opening it while someone wore the backpack was borderline impossible. With over 10,000 backers, the Bobby became an instant hit (and I’ll admit I even saw a whole bunch of knockoffs who tried to ride on its success).

XD Design, the creators of the first anti-theft backpack, bring their iconic aesthetic and theft-proof format to two new types of bags – the travel-case, and the gym-bag. The Flex Foldable Trolley & Flex Gym Bag come after years of research and experience in the backpack and bag domain. Designed with the same sort of focus in mind, but for two completely different use-cases, the Flex Foldable Trolley & Flex Gym Bag are made to look simple, sophisticated, and to be secure.

The Flex Foldable Trolley is your cabin-sized travel-case redefined. With a slim design, the trolley can either be wheeled or carried like a briefcase, and an expanding section allows it to virtually double your storage from 15 liters to 30 liters. Designed with the ideal dimensions for commuting to and from work, or a 2-day business trip, the Flex Foldable Trolley fits your 15.6″ laptop, and is the perfect size to carry with you into a flight cabin. Built for easy-traveling, the trolley-case comes with secure YKK zippers and a TSA lock. The laptop sits in an easy-to-access compartment, allowing you to easily pop it out as you rapidly go through security check. The easy-access compartment even comes with a magnetically fastened transparent case for your liquids, and an RFID-blocking pouch for your passport, boarding pass, and other essentials. Open the Flex Foldable Trolley’s main container and it’s spacious enough to get you through 2-3 days worth of traveling. The slim format is perfect for shorter trips, and the expanded design is wide enough to even fit a spare pair of shoes. The main container even packs an organizer-board with multiple webbed pockets, letting you separate smaller items from the bulk of your luggage. For added convenience, the Flex Foldable Trolley even packs a USB port that allows you to connect a power-bank on the inside and charge your phones by simply plugging it into the bag. Just like the original Anti-theft backpack, the Flex Foldable Trolley features hidden zippers, a reflective patch on the front panel, and an overall waterproof construction for added safety.

If the Flex Foldable Trolley is perfect for long-distance trips, the Flex Gym Bag is perfect for hitting your nearby gym right after a work-day. It looks like your average laptop bag, but open up the pouch on the front and it transforms from a slim, 16-liter backpack to a spacious duffle with over 24 liters of storage. The best part about this transformation is that it isn’t an expansion. The duffle exists as a separate compartment to the backpack, thus separating your work-essentials from your gym-essentials. The main storage of the Flex Gym Bag allows you to stash a 15.6″ laptop along with other work essentials in a spacious interior. For smaller items, the bag comes with pockets and mesh-pouches to help organize your stuff, while a separate RFID-blocking compartment on the outside is perfect for storing your phone, wallet, and other prized belongings. The pouch rests within the padded back-panel of the bag, ensuring nobody can ever access it as long as you’re wearing the bag. Even when the bag isn’t ON you, the hidden zippers (a standard feature in all of XD Design’s backpacks) make it difficult for strangers to really figure out how to open your bag. Pair this with the signature reflective tab on the front, and a waterproof construction throughout and you’ve seriously got yourself a bag that looks absolutely slick, with its matte-black finish, and gives you everything you need, from dedicated storage to anti-theft features, expanding sizes, and a weather-proof overall build.

Designer: XD Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $82 $116 ($34 off).

Flex Foldable Trolley & Flex Gym Bag by XD Design

The Flex Foldable Trolley & Flex Gym Bag are made to be anti-theft, sustainable and above all, flexible in shape and usage.

The Flex Foldable Trolley

The first business suitcase and carry-on trolley in one luggage. The unique foldable design allows you to save up to 50% of space or to expand the trolley with 50%. Easily adaptable for all kinds of trips.

Flexible in shape and usage.

Easily charge your phone with the integrated USB charging port.

The front opening gives you quick access to your electronic devices and to your toiletry items that can be stored in the complementary transparent liquid bag.

The organizing board stores small items and compresses your clothes with adjutsable webbings and a magnetic Fidlock click system.

The Flex Gym Bag

The first business backpack and gym bag in one gear.

Quickly convert from business to gym style just by expanding the front pocket.

Carry your professional items in the main compartment and carry your gym necessities in the front pocket.

Click Here to Buy Now: $82 $116 ($34 off).