The Hera Faucet’s paper-like thin design is the literal definition of ‘sleek’!

A perfect faucet for a minimal bathroom, the Hera series of faucets aren’t just visually intriguing, their sleek design aids usability too. Relying on a shape that sort of follows the direction of water, the Hera Faucet’s slim design feels intuitive and interesting together. The form comes with a slight thickness around the center, almost emphasizing that the water is pushing through the flattened metal surface to make its way out of the faucet. The flat faucet shape comes with an equally flat handle that’s easy to hold and turn, even with the soapiest of hands. Its flat, non-cylindrical L shape is intuitive at first glance. You know you need to pull it towards you, rather than sideways, upwards, or in any other direction. Designed for ergonomics, the flat handle can be operated easily with both wet and dry hands, and can also be maneuvered just as easily by people with disabilities. The Hera comes in regular as well as mixer varieties that allow you to combine both hot and cold water. The frosted black finish lends an undeniably classy touch to the faucet’s design, accentuated further by the golden details running along the side edges.

The Hera Faucet Series is a winner of the iF Design Award for the year 2020.

Designer: Bravat