Long-Term Coast Guard


Apparently, you can literally see garbage in the oceans from space. Currents carry them and they cluster at certain points and have begun forming large masses the size of cities. No one seems to be bothered about cleaning these out because it would entail massive expenditures. Luckily that doesn’t stop us concept designers. Designers Song Shi and Liu Kuan developed a futuristic Ocean purifying drone that uses the ocean’s hydel power to purify the water nearby. Its design makes it look like a fan on the water surface, and it has the ability to fold up, allowing ships to position and re-position them at will. Neat! (The oceans too!)

Designers: Song Shi & Liu Kuan.





  • Stephen Russell says:

    Awesome idea, love this, replicate for Pacific garbage patch, base from Hawaii.
    Test in HI, Caribbean, PR, FL, Brazil.

  • Thomas J. Sullivan says:

    Most-excellent concept. Do you have full size units that are being beta tested, right now? I’d would be interested in dimensions. And just more discussion on your device.

    I am also a fellow musician, too. I’m a Studio Bass-Guitarist. I joined the Musician’s Union in 1965 at the age of 15 years old. San Francisco Local 6, AFL-CIO. Please tell me more of your musical endeavors.

    I wish you continued success, Sarang. Please add me to your mailing list. Sincerely, Tom in California.

  • Bobo says:

    After a few weeks it will be covered on barnacles, weed and other marine attachments, so very regular maintenance would be needed – or powerful chemical antifoulings that would somewhat defeat the green objective.

  • Slugsie says:

    Love the concept. It may need a little detailing out though.

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