This quirky anti-minimalism watch tells time twice!

Cool watch designs are always fun. They’re an expression of our style, and well, of course, a means of telling the time. However, Ji Lee’s Redundant Watch is as quirky as it gets! A communication designer at Facebook, Ji Lee collaborated with Anicorn to create a wristwatch version of his Redundant Clock, which had gained immense popularity. And Anicorn just released an exclusive version of the watch for MoMA. What’s so special about it? The quirky timepiece tells time twice! Instead of the conventional hour markers in a watch, the watch face features clock hands! The hour numbers are completely replaced by a mini arrangement of hands to display each hour of the day.

However, these mini clock hands are still, whereas the larger running hands tell the minutes and the hour. Featuring a 40mm case, the watch is unisex. The 316L stainless-steel enclosed casing is available in color options of black and silver. Not to mention the casing is ultra-thin, only 7.5mm. Running on a Miyota GL20 Japanese movement, the watch is a part of Anicorn’s Trio of Time Series. Its straps are interchangeable with the strap of any other watch in the TTT series.

The exclusive MoMA version features an eccentric pop of color. The minute hand is blue, whereas the hour hand is yellow! You can even spot a splash of red somewhere if you look hard enough. Unique, fun, and considered to be anti-minimalism, the Redundant Watch is a refreshing design that I’m sure we would all love to get our hands on!

Designer: Ji Lee and Anicorn

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