Annoyingly useless everyday products designed to make you squirm!

Most designers start out with one goal in mind, to create innovative and aesthetic designs that will totally blow our minds! However, industrial designer Katerina Kamprani had something else in mind. She took ordinary everyday products and decided to twist and tweak them, to create uncomfortable objects that would shock us, make us cringe, and eventually make us laugh! The Uncomfortable is a series of objects designed to, well, simply annoy us. Enjoy!

It’s safe to say that The Engagement Mugs simply make me squirm! They make the perfect mugs for your partner and you, if you’re prepared to twist around, struggle and finally give up on your cup of morning tea or coffee!

The Triple Door is basically one door cut into three portions, each portion equipped with its own knob and keyhole. Have fun handling three keys, and unlocking three separate little doors!

The Uncomfortable Tea Set consists of a weirdly long teapot and teacup. Rectangular in shape, I can’t imagine pouring some tea out of this set, without spilling all of it!

The Concrete Umbrella is an umbrella made from concrete. Has any umbrella ever made you as uncomfortable as this one? I mean sure, it’ll protect you from the rain if you can manage to even lift it!

Kamprani really had something against a cup of tea or coffee, because all of her tea set utensils are completely ridiculous! The Uncomfortable Mug features a closed square-like handle that makes it impossible to hold. I would love to discover a comfy way to sip some tea from this mug!

In the mood for some champagne? Worry not, the Uncomfortable Champagne Glasses are here to your rescue…or not! To be honest, they look like a candleholder, but to some extent, I do find them useful. I mean, you could sip on two glasses of champagne in one go, and we all have days like that.

The Uncomfortable Fork lacks a sturdy handle completely, instead a not so dependable chain takes its place. This is one fork that’s hard to get a grip on!

The Thick Cutlery set doesn’t look so bad unless you’re prepared for a little weightlifting for your wrists. It’s hard to imagine how anybody could fit that bulky spoon into their mouth, alongside their food! Annoyed yet?

You could wait for hours, but you’d never get any salt and pepper out of the Hourglass Salt and Pepper Shakers! Cinched in the center like an hourglass, it would be impossible to sprinkle some seasoning onto your food with these.

The Uncomfortable Wine Glass is an egg-shaped glass, with a hole to sip your wine with…or spill it all over yourselves with. Wine Wednesdays are a goner with this wine glass!