Manufacturing waste repurposed into a furniture collection your home needs!

Looking to make a switch to a sustainable lifestyle in 2020? Meet the Dot Collection – these modern pieces are made from the waste produced during manufacturing furniture. This group will keep with the aesthetic of your space while also allowing you to continue reusing, reducing and recycling.

The Dot collection includes a set of chairs, bench, and side table that all come in subtle earthy colors with a combination of cool and warm. The inspiration for this modern sustainable set was a factory visit where the Studio Pesi team noticed a lot of leftover material. After a linoleum board is cut, the pieces are usually wasted and the goal behind the Dot collection was to make something functional and minimal enough for it to fit with any interior style.

The chairs, bench, and side tables are made with off-the-shelf solid wood cylinders and the linoleum board leftovers so sustainability is truly in the bare bones of their structures. The linoleum board leftovers provide for a soft and warm surface on the top of the furniture. The joints between the two materials give the Dot collection its unique image and name.

If I were to name each piece of the collection individually, I would call them Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

Designer: Studio Pesi